Danko Productions is an arts and wellness education company offering uniquely designed dance, fitness, and artistic movement classes to children, teens, and adults. Danko’s programs are designed with the goal of cultivating an environment where students can first discover, and then nurture their inner artists via physical, spiritual, and academic discourse. Rooted in the belief that exposure to the arts can accelerate and empower an individual’s learning process at any age, Danko strives to inspire students to translate principles taught in class into their day-to-day lives, and in so doing, help to create a more balanced, colorful world. Danko also partners with a variety of arts and wellness organizations with aligned values throughout the Greater Boston Area.


OUR VISION | At Danko, we are committed to educating our students about the integral role that arts can play in the cognitive, physical, and spiritual aspects of one’s life.


WHO ARE WE | We are an arts education company that uses the principles of artistic movement to teach a variety of interdisciplinary subjects, including arts academia, health/wellness, and entertainment.


WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT | We create and teach art programs that allow an individual to develop physical and cognitive empowerment by exploring art from a variety of perspectives. We do this by blending traditional and contemporary techniques and philosophies to teach art in a fun, holistic, and meaningful way. We understand and embrace the fact that, like a fingerprint, each individual’s relationship to art will differ from the next, and we encourage our students to discover that which distinguishes them as artists and movers.


WHAT WE OFFER | We offer a variety of art educational programs in the areas of the performing arts, health/wellness, and entertainment for people of all ages and cognitive abilities. Here are just a few programs that we offer, but we can create a specialty program to fit the needs of your organization or group.


Our programs are offered at a variety of facilities in Metro Boston, and we will bring our programs to you, if you can’t come to us! We want all moving, learning, and participating in the arts!



Katina McClain has been an educator in K-12 education for 10 years. She has worked for Lowell, Belmont, and Haverhill Public Schools. She currently works as a World Language, Performing Arts Educator and Cheer Coach for Boston Public Schools. Her areas of expertise are Physical Education, Dance Education, Spanish, and English Language Learners. She also has 15 years experience teaching dance and theater classes.


Katina has a strong background in the performing arts. Having been a dancer for over 20 years, her area of expertise includes ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, theater dance, and modern dance. Katina's dance training also extends to cultural/ethnic dances as well; she has training in West African, Afro-Caribbean, Latin Dances, and Hawaiian Dance. She has worked with various dance companies in Arizona and Massachusetts such as Desert Dance Theater, Ashi Modern Dance, Kelley Donovan & dancers, and Silimbo Drum & Dance.


Katina has a B.F.A. in Dance Education from Arizona State University and a M.A.T. in Spanish Secondary Education from Salem State University. She's studied and created multiple interdisciplinary curriculums with the use of dance and arts based curriculums, with the standard academia curriculums to develop and enhance literacy skills. Katina has a passion and love for education and the arts, and is happy to share this love by offering a variety of fun creative classes that use the arts to teach in a variety of different ways. While promoting academic development and physical fitness. McClain also has a certification in Kids Yoga and is currently working on her PhD at Lesley University with a focus on Arts Based Curriculum as a way of Promoting Equality in Education.  


We believe the arts are an integral part of life in every aspect. We also believe that the learning and educational process of an individual regardless of age is developed with an arts education.


Our goal is to have every participant find their inner artist and be able to share their experience by creating a more balanced and colorful world.


Sunday - Saturday, 9 am - 9 pm



(617)  386 - 3197