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 about us

Danko Productions is a performing arts non-profit organization that fuses elements of wellness and education to foster community and personal well-being. 

We believe by offering specialized workshops, partnering with local organizations, supporting emerging artists, and participating in community events we hope to be a part of creating a more vibrant and connected world.


The culture within our company believes that exposure to the arts, at any age, can accelerate and empower an individual because our programs are inclusive to all ages and abilities. 



Danko Production’s programs are created with the goal of cultivating an environment where students can discover and nurture their inner artists via physical, spiritual, and academic discourse.   We conduct a variety of unique movement workshops that focus on dance and theater techniques to develop oneself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 


We create and teach programs and workshops that allow an individual to develop physical and cognitive empowerment by exploring art from a variety of perspectives. We do this by blending traditional and contemporary techniques and philosophies to teach art in a fun, holistic, and meaningful way.


We understand and embrace the fact that, like a fingerprint, each individual’s relationship to art will differ from the next, and we encourage our students to discover that which distinguishes them as emerging artists, educators, and entrepreneurs. 

Core valueS

Danko Productions was founded upon and operates by focusing on 5 specific core values. These drive our programs, our deicsions and how we engage with the world. 


Art is life and life is art. We connect the arts to every aspect of life and that begins with the education of self-love and empowerment. We strive to educate our communities through an arts-based lens in the areas of advocacy, community collaborations and cultural exchanges, entrepreneurship, and fitness and wellness


Art and advocacy work hand and hand in order to bring change and uplift all of its citizens. We use the arts to assist and support those who engage in activist work for the freedom and liberation of those who are marginalized or oppressed. We do this by threading in healing work in order to bring those together to enact positive structural changes. We believe artists shave an obligation to use their art to promote social justice and educate our diverse communities. 


A community is a family and Danko is a family-based organization. We are able to keep this family connection by engaging in community-based work with local organizations. This allows us to stay connected to the issues that our fellow citizens are facing, and we like to assist in these projects by providing our many services to those in need. Community work allows us to work as bridge makers and bring people together. 


Education ties all of our 5 values together. Our educational workshops and training allow us to present our art in the community in order to advocate for our citizens and promote healing and learning. Our education programs allow emerging artists to pursue their careers in the arts by focusing on Art Education and or Entrepreneurship for Artists. We have partnerships with local universities and schools. 


Art educators and activists all need a base and foundation with the support of their craft and ideas. Danko provides the educational tools and supports to aid those who are interested in arts administration and entrepreneurship, by participating in our emerging artist workshops and internship program. We believe it is key to continue the knowledge exchange of veteran and emerging artists, as our youth are the ones who move the souls and are the true change-makers in our society. Our goal is to develop and enhance their talents so they can continue their artistry in the truest and highest form.


D: desire   A: aquire   N: nurture   K: knowledge   O: opportunities

Hello, my fellow citizens and thank you for joining the Danko experience. My name is Katina “Kitty” McClain. I’m the founder and Executive Director of Danko Productions a Performance Wellness Company. Danko was born in March of 2014 with the assistance of a dear family friend, who still works behind the scenes as our Marketing and Advertising Director Aleisha Agard. The company began with a few children’s and adult classes, which quickly grew to multiple locations and our Danko family grew to include a team of teachers, choreographers, and performers. Our continued growth allowed the company to transition into a non-profit in March of 2019. This warmed my heart because we were able to engage in more community and advocacy-based projects which has always been the core mission of the company. 

My dance journey began 30 years ago as a student and performer and I have spent the last 20 years working as a teacher and choreographer. I have been able to add a coach and mentor to my list of duties as well. I’m a classically trained ballerina who dances to the traditional beats of the djembe and guiro with West African and Latin Dances and everything in between. It brings me joy to be able to combine my passion of the arts and education. The elements which are the great connector for all beings. 

Our goal is to use the arts as healing, educational, and empowerment tool for creating bridges and self-reflection in our communities. To conclude, I am able to continue this work with my students in BPS and Simmons were I work as an educator. I continue to enhance my knowledge with my studies at Lesley University as a doctoral student. I’m excited to welcome you into our family. 

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