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What do we offer? We offer a variety of art educational programs in the areas of the performing arts, fitness/wellness, for children and adults. Here are just a few programs that we offer but we can create a specialty program to fit the needs of your organization or group. Our programs are offered at a variety of facilities in Metro Boston, and we will bring our programs to you, if you can’t come to us! We want all moving, learning, and participating in the arts!


Our classes are different because our approach to teaching is different.  We create and teach programs which allow an individual to develop their cognitive skills by exploring art from a variety of perspectives, which engage the mental and physical elements. 


  • We offer ethnic, traditional, contemporary and fusion dance classes

  • Our enviornment is created to be friendly & inviting

  • All levels of dance backgrounds are welcomed

  • We offer classes in the city of Boston and surrounding suburbs 

  • We take traditional and contemporary techniques and combine them in a ......

  • We believe in teaching in a fun, holistic, and meaningful way,

  • Our goal is to entertain and educate the participants with our unique approach

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