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We want to inspire a DESIRE for all participants to find their inner artis. We want all participants to ACQUIRE dance information. We NURTURE all of our participants to insure that they reach their optimum level of KNOWLEDGEwhile taking advantage of all of the wonderful OPPORTUNITIES that we offer in using art as an educational tool.​


We focus on all of the components which are a part of a well rounded arts education. We have a special approach which gives all participants a well rounded education. The participant will enhance their academic, physical, and mental wellness knowledge by participating in our programs. Our programs are taught using an organic approach which combines all of life’s elements. 


We create and teach art programs which allow an individual to develop their cognitive skills by exploring art from a variety of perspectives, which engage the mental and physical elements. We do this by taking traditional and contemporary techniques to teach the arts in a fun, holistic, and meaningful way, while entertaining and educating the participants in a unique way.


Katina McClain has been an educator in K-12 education for 10 years. She has worked for Lowell, Belmont, Haverhill, and Boston Public Schools. Her area of expertise is Physical Education, Dance Education, Spanish, and English Language Learners. In addition to her background in education, In addition, she also has 14 years experience teaching dance and theater classes.


Katina has a strong background in the performing arts. Having been a dancer for over 20 years, her area of expertise includes ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, theater dance, and modern dance. Katina's dance training also extends to cultural/ethnic dances as well; she has training in West African, Afro-Caribbean, Latin Dances, and Hawaiian Dance. She has worked with various dance companies in Arizona and Massachusetts such as Desert Dance Theater, Ashi Modern Dance, Kelley Donovan & dancers, Silimbo Drum and Dance.


Katina has a B.F.A. in Dance Education from Arizona State University and a M.A.T. in Spanish Secondary Education from Salem State University. She's studied and created multiple interdisciplinary curriculums with the use of dance and arts based curriculums, with the standard academia curriculums to develop and enhance literacy skills. Katina has a passion and love for education and the arts, and is happy to share this love by offering a variety of fun creative classes that use the arts to teach in a variety of different ways. While promoting academic development and physical fitness.

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