Happening since April 2020

Movement For Motivation is our web series fitness and wellness program. The show debuted in April 2020 as a result of the Covid pandemic as a way for those to find healing and motivation through movement. MFM is a weekly movement show for all ages and fitness levels.


We mix pop, hip hop, cultural dances, ballet, and fitness into a fun 5-10 minute mini routine to aid in mental and physical health and wellness. Additionally, the movement for motivation connects social issues in our quest for movement and equality for all.


The goal is to remind our communities that we must move and work together to create a more fair and just society for all. We use movement to spread that message and to unite our diverse communities. 


November 27th & 28th

A community healing project in partnership with Mayta Fusion Dance Company of NY run by director Anna Mayta. This event will feature various visual and performing arts pieces of work that focus on the importance of unity and how we can come together during the pandemic and racial tensions. This is a multiracial and generational event that will consist of a movement workshop, artist interviews, and a 75-minute virtual performance. 


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